Welcome to back taps!  The goals of Back Taps are two fold:  First, Back Taps provides the missing history that many fire departments forget to talk about on their websites....the telegraph fire alarm boxes.  Many fire departments discuss the formation of their humble beginnings and continue to the department today, which is always interesting.  But, the telegraph fire alarm box system is forgotten.  There are some departments that do a great job and talk about the fire alarm boxes in great detail, while others only say that they "had a system in place" and that's it.  We know that the telegraph fire alarms played a vital role in the history of fire departments.  Second, we know that telegraph fire alarms continue to play a vital role in fire departments today.  In this day of modern technology with the multitude of cell phones  and other communication devices, the telegraph fire alarm system is still the best way to notify the fire department of a fire.  Sadly, many fire departments that still have the "red boxes on the street corners" do not do much to promote these systems to the general public.

That is where back taps  comes in.  We want to promote these systems.  We strive to educate people about the telegraph fire alarm system.  We want to let people know about the history that many Fire Departments and Historical Societies forget to discuss and to let people know that these systems, although they are over 150 years old, are still out there and are more reliable than cell phones and landlines.

If you are an active or retired fire alarm technician who maintains or maintained a telegraph fire alarm box system for a municipality in New Jersey, I'd love to hear from you and get information on your system.  Please email me at boxcom@aol.com

 Its been a while, but we are still here and will be updating box lists.  Thanks to Ira for advising me of 3 missing boxes in Pompton Lakes.  They have been added.  


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